Airwalk Has Been Brought Back


Nostalgia is a funny thing. I’ve had some conversations with friends about how cool it would be to get our hands on some of the classic Airwalk shoes from when we started skateboarding in the late 1980’s. Well it seems 25 years for Airwalk has gone by and now they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with the re release of some classic Airwalk shoe designs. All of you ol’ time skaters rejoice, the high top 80’s steeze is available for $85 bucks. For those that remember the shoes used to cost $65 back in the day. Even with the price increase I’m gonna need to cop multiple pairs of these ol’ school classics.

Check out Airwalks mens shoe line.

Esquire… You Have My Attention

So I came across a video the other day that caught my attention. Turns out Esquire has a section on their site called “Women We Love“. I’m not one to pay too close attention to fashion magazines. Not that I don’t love style but there is only so much mind share one can dedicate to things. With videos like these they just bought a portion of my attention for sure.

Daisy Lowe for UK esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

Happy Halloween 2009!

Happy Halloween everyone. Its been awhile since I’ve given my site adequate attention, but it’s Halloween and you just can’t let this day go by without something. Well I have something for you. Since it is a great day to showcase horror and monster like creatures, who better to highlight than the very talented Peter Konig. This guy’s work is fantastic. You really need to check out his blog and his video from Massive Black that you can get at their store here.


Sterling Hundley Illustration

I come across so many talented artists, and its almost overwhelming the amount of talent out there. This site was going to be a site that featured many of these fine artists, but my lack of due diligence has left the blog posts nil on this and my delicious account very active. In an effort to change that though, here is a great and very talented illustrator named Sterling Hundley. His work is filled with great textures, patterns, and an excellent choice of color. I am impressed with a lot of his work. You should check out his site at Also check out his blog and get more information about his process and profession. He refers to his blog as Advice in his navigation so its going to be worth you while if you are interested in illustration and have a desire to learn.

Sterling Hundley Illustration