Bob and the Devil

My friends Rob Riddum and Dolla Box have teamed up and produced and album. They are called Bob and the Devil. For those of you from the Cleveland area you may recognize their names from the local DJ scene. They have some great tracks and I invite you to give their album a listen. It is available for purchase and you can get it from the music player. Enjoy!

Esquire… You Have My Attention

So I came across a video the other day that caught my attention. Turns out Esquire has a section on their site called “Women We Love“. I’m not one to pay too close attention to fashion magazines. Not that I don’t love style but there is only so much mind share one can dedicate to things. With videos like these they just bought a portion of my attention for sure.

Daisy Lowe for UK esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

Eligh’s Grey Crow

Eligh is a mcee from the Living Legends. “Eligh has helped provide the backbone of the Legends sound and is responsible for many of the Legends classic songs.” (source) I could go on about the greatness of the Living Legends as a crew but that’s not the point I’m making right here. Eligh has often done the production for Lving Legends. His beats create a vibe that sets the stage for great hip hop. When he teams up with Murs and Scarab, they form the 3 Melancholy Gypsies. With the Grouch they are G & E. All of the collaborations are amazing and I get excited to hear them. Recently though, Eligh has put out his solo album Grey Crew. Its awesome on many levels. I have to say Eligh is one of my favorite mcees and when he focuses on just the production like on Gandolph’s Beat Machine I’m stoked to hear good beats but disappointed to not hear him throw down some rhymes. Great album, I just really love him as an mcee. If you haven’t already bought and listened to this album, its on my top list of recommended albums.

Eligh has a whole Youtube channel dedicated to explaining his album. Being a heavy lyricist based mcee you know its awesome to find out more about what he was trying to say.

FY Cee-Lo Green Cover

Cee-Lo Green’s latest album is great. I just recently found out about his show on Fuse called Lay It Down. He interviews hip hop artists and they play some live cuts. Its a great show and I’m hyped to add it to my watching playlist. Really there is this huge void where MTv left off decades ago. Television that has music as its topic. I’m happy to see Fuse taking up the challenge in a great way. Give talented artists their own venue to talk to other talented artists. Now even VH1 plays reruns of MTv’s crappy programming. Bummer. No pregnant teens from Jersey wishing they were on the cheerleading squad showing us just how real life can get. Really I think MTv’s next step is to merge all of their shows into one. While it may sound entertaining, in practice no one leaves that experience feeling good.