Amazing Outdoor Timelapse

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I’ve come across this amazing outdoor time lapse a couple times now. The first time I thought I should post this, but I never did. Luckily it came around the way again.

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.



Life Is Short

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Amazing Texural Sculptures

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I love the amazing textures that sculptor Chun Kwang Young has created using small foam wedges wrapped in Korean mulberry paper. I enjoy the way he uses scale and color to create contrast in the forms. I’m a big fan now that I’ve been introduced to his artwork.

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The Codex Seraphinianus

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I came across The Codex Seraphinianus the other day and I knew I had to share this one. Italian artist Luigi Serafini drew this back in 1976 through 1978. Its a visual encyclopedia of an unknown world. I love the way he let his imagination run wild.

The Codex is divided into eleven chapters, partitioned into two sections. The first section appears to describe the natural world, dealing with flora, fauna, and physics. The second deals with the humanities, the various aspects of human life: clothing, history, cuisine, architecture and so on. Each chapter seems to treat a general encyclopedic topic. The topics of each separate chapter are as follows:

View the book Codex Seriphinianus online.



Reel Wisdom

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