Airwalk Has Been Brought Back


Nostalgia is a funny thing. I’ve had some conversations with friends about how cool it would be to get our hands on some of the classic Airwalk shoes from when we started skateboarding in the late 1980’s. Well it seems 25 years for Airwalk has gone by and now they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with the re release of some classic Airwalk shoe designs. All of you ol’ time skaters rejoice, the high top 80’s steeze is available for $85 bucks. For those that remember the shoes used to cost $65 back in the day. Even with the price increase I’m gonna need to cop multiple pairs of these ol’ school classics.

Check out Airwalks mens shoe line.

The Guy Mariano Story


I’m not sure how many of my readers follow the Epicly Later’d series of Guy Mariano, but its great. I’ve been seriously inspired by Guy’s skating ever since I became aware of skateboarding. I used to watch his Public Domain part and go out and attack Bradner the best I could. Ha. Seriously though, you need to watch the 10 part series if you haven’t already. For those that have, I know you will want to watch it all again. So get clicking. All of these are of course on and you should definitely look into all of the videos they have posted. Great stuff.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 1
Waiting for pop number three.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 2
Summer with the Gonz.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 3
The most warped family vacation of all time.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 4
The Girl exodus.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 5
It’s always a prison-related BBQ at Fabian’s.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 6
Can’t a dude just end on a ledge trick without a bunch of to do?

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 7
The trouble with skateboarding is the hours.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 8
Getting into bed with Jesus feet.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 9
The drug days come to a close.

EPICLY LATER’D  – LAKAI – Guy Mariano Part 10
Things are looking better.

Ancestry Tracing

I just watched two shows on WGTE called HOMECOMING: SOMETIMES I AM HAUNTED BY MEMORIES OF RED DIRT AND CLAY, and AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES 2. What was amazing to me is how they were able to use DNA to trace African American ancestors all they way down to region from which they came. They were also able to narrow down which ancestor was likely to be the generation that was on a slave ship and what possible slave ship that brought them over. For those on the show who finally received information that linked their ancestry in a more definitive way than every before, they were more than delighted. Obviously knowing where you come from offers a greater sense of oneself. We are still only two generations away from treating human life like a commodity. That burden remains with us as a country. I do not know the cost of the lineage tracing that they utilized on the program, but it would be great to offer this ancestry trace for anyone of African American decent. It’s not enough, but at least this process can give back some of the information that was stripped from people during the slave trade.


Using genealogy, oral history, family stories and DNA analysis to trace lineage through American history and back to Africa, the series provides a life-changing journey for a diverse group of highly accomplished African Americans.

I recommend that you watch this show if you get a chance. Very interesting and well done.